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by Anthony Saunders

On the night of 23/24 August 1943, a lone Fw 190 of the Luftwaffe's crack unit JG300 Wilde Sau, defantly engages a force of RAF Lancasters in the heavily defended, flak-torn skies over Berlin.

It was the opening salvo to the Battle of Berlin, the long bitter aerial offensive against Hitler's seat of power, that would rage throughout the winter to follow. From November 1943 till March 1944 RAF Bomber Command would make 16 massed attacks on Berlin. When the battle was over the capital of the Third Reich lay shattered and in ruin, but the crews of RAF Bomber Command had paid a heavy price - 492 aircraft failed to return.

Depicting the full drama of this massive raid, Anthony Saunders' powerful new painting - Berlin Boar Fight - is a masterful intrepretation of the events that night, created with the first hand accounts reports from some of those who took part. These compelling prints are signed by one of the Luftwaffe's top night-fighter Aces and two RAF Bomber Command veterans.



Warrant Officer Reg White

Warrant Officer REG WHITE

As a Rear Gunner with 460 Squadron flying Lancasters from RAF Binbrook, Reg White was on his 7th Operation - a raid to Berlin - in January 1944 when his aircraft was one of the unfortunate ones to be shot down that night. Captured by the Germans he spent the rest of the war as a POW in Stalag Luft 6.

Flight Lieutenant Eric Hookings

Flight Lieutenant ERIC HOOKINGS

Jioning the RAF in 1940, Eric Hookings trained as a pilot and flew Wellingtons. He then flew Lancasters with 619 Squadron but was forced to bale out over enemy occupied Holland after being hit by Fw190 night-fighters. He spent the remainder of the war in Stalag Luft III taking part in the infamous ' Long March ' in January 1945 when thousands of Allied airman were forced to march at baynot point from Poland back into Germany.

Oberleutnant Rolf Ebhardt Iron Cross 1st and 2nd Class

Oberleutnant ROLF EBHARDT Iron Cross First & Second Class

Entering the Luftwaffe in December 1941, Rolf Ebhardt jioned NJG 101 in December 1942 for specialist night-fighter training. Here he flew the JU52, He111, Ju88, Do217, Bf109, and Fw190 at night. Promoted to Leutnant he jioned III./NJC 1 in Holland flying the Me110 in November 1943 and achieved his first night victory on 26 April 1944. His eighth and final victory came on 5 January 1945. By then he had flown 82 operations, all in the Me110, and been awarded the Iron Cross First and second class.



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350   Limited Edition Prints     US$   130   /   UK£     85

  25   Artists Proofs                   US$   190   /   UK£   125

  25   Remarques                       US$   375   /   UK£   250

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  25   Artists Proofs                   US$     325   /   UK£   215

  25   Remarques                       US$     675   /   UK£   450

  10   Double Remarques          US$   1075   /   UK£   725

Image Size : 21¼" wide x 14¼" high

Overall Print Size : 26½" wide x 19½" high