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by Richard Taylor

On 14 June 1940 the first German jackboots were heard on the streets of Paris. Within days France had signed an armistice and Hitler could now turn his avaricious eyes north across the grey waters of the Channel. The island of Britain stood alone and, faced with the threat of imminent invasion, few gave her much chance of survival.

 The Battle of Britain began on 10 July 1940, to subdue Britain the Luftwaffe would need to clear the RAF from the skies, thus allowing the all-conquering Panzers to invade without the risk of being attacked whilst still aboard their landing craft and allow them to push forward from the landing beache's unhindered from air attack. For the next eight weeks most front-line squadrons were flying three, sometimes four missions a day. By early September the RAF was close to breaking point, with some units reduced to a handful of pilots and aircraft.

Then on the 7 September an over-confident Goering made a fatal error, believing the RAF virtually destroyed and wanting to bring matters to a head and finish the job, he ordered after Berlin had been bombed several times, retaliatory attacks on London, hoping the RAF would have to throw in the last of its aircraft to protect the capital. However during the respite given to them the RAF quickly replenished its aircraft and pilots, and surprised by the ferocity and strength of attacks by the reinforced RAF upon them the battered Luftwaffe bombers made their last major daylight raid on London on the 15 September, now commemorated as Battle of Britain Day. By the end of October against seemingly impossible odds, it was over.

Richard Taylor's stunning new painting Channel Sweep depicts MK1 Spitfires from 92 Squadron undertaking a defensive sweep along the Kent coastline against a dramatic backdrop of the white cliffs of Dover, at the height of the battle in September 1940.



The limited edition prints in this fabulous edition have been personally autographed by members of 'The Few'.

With THREE Signatures

Wing Commander John 'Tim' Elkington Hurricane pilot No1 Sqn scored a victory over a Bf109

Wing Commander


Hurricane pilot 1 Sqn

Wing Commander Tony Pickering AFC Hurricane pilot 501 Sqn he downed a Bf109

Wing Commander


Hurricane pilot 501 Sqn AFC

Flight Lieutenant William Robert 'Bob' Hughes DFC AE Wop/AG on Blenheims with 23 Sqn

Flight Lieutenant


WoP/AG Blenheims 23 Sqn


  225   Limited Edition    UK£     80   /   US$   120

25   Artists Proofs       UK£   120   /   US$   180


The remarque editions have been signed by no less than THIRTEEN of 'The Few'

Remarqued example of a Channel Sweep print with thirteen signatures by Richard Taylor

  25   Remarques                UK£   300   /   US$   450

10   Double Remarques   UK£   450   /   US$   675


Limited to only 35 copies, each of these stunning TWENTY signature, Proofs contain all thirteen signatures on the Remarques but each proof has been beautifully matted to conservation standards to include the original signatures of a further seven prominent Battle of Britain aircrew.

Channel Sweep The Publishers Proof Print Edition With Twenty Signatures

35 Publishers Proofs UK£ 395 / US$ 595

Overall Print Size : 25" wide x 16" high

Image Size : 19" wide x 9½" high

^^ Denotes Battle of Britain Ace