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by Philip E. West

Flt. Lt Maltby and crew release their 'Upkeep' bouncing bomb against the Móhne Dam. The pilot had to maintain a height of sixty feet above the water, to high and the bomb might explode on impact or not bounce at all, to low and it was just as likely to destroy the bomber than the dam. Using specially fitted lamps and a jury rigged handheld device for the bomb aimer the obstacles to prevent the above from happening were succesfully overcome.

Philip E. West has from a unique perspective captures the moment seconds after the bomb aimer has released the bombers bouncing bomb, the huge splash behind the bomber gives some sense to the deadly mission the crews had undertaken, and the nerves of steel required by all concerned to fly at virtually tree top level from start to finish.


Primary Edition : 150 Prints

Signed by George " Johnny " Johnson

PRICE : £95

Artists Proof Edition : 35 Prints

Signed by George " Johnny " Johnson

PRICE : £125

Gi-Clée Canvas Edition : 5 Prints

A specially prepared detachable panel clips onto the rear frame

& stretched over top quality wooden bars ready for framing

Signed by George " Johnny " Johnson

PRICE : £425

Overall Print Size : 28¼" wide by 20½" high

Gi-Clée Canvas Size : 30" wide by 18" high