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( signed by FOUR veterans )

Flight Leader John R Rossi

Flight Leader JOHN R. 'DICK' ROSSI 6¼ victories

Dick Rossi resigned his Navy commission in 1941 to join the AVG and first saw combat over Burma early in January 1942. Over the next six months he flew with al three AVG 'Flying Tiger' squadrons and became an Ace with 6¼ confirmed air victories and 6 more probables. At the end of his combat tour and with the disbandment, 'Dick' Rossi joined the China National Aviation Corpration ferrying supplies across the Hump from India into China and by the war's end had notched up an impressive record of around 750 trips.

Flight Leader Erikesen Shilling

Flight Leader ERIKSEN 'ERIK' SHILLING 1 victories

Erik Shilling was one of the first pilots to volunteer for the AVG and flew with them in the 3rd Pursuit Squadron (Hells Angels) until the unit disbanded. A photo recnnaissance expert, he flew many dangerous missions in his P-40 modified for this vital camera work, which included the removal of four of his machine guns, but he still scored one aerial victory. After the AVG was incorporated into the 23rd FG he joined the China National Aviation Corpration, flying 700 round trips over the Hump. In January 1945 he jioned Chennault's Civil Air Transport in China, and later dropped agents into China during the Korean War.

Brigadier General David L Hill

Brigadier General DAVID L. 'TEX' HILL

After serving aboard the USS Saratoga and USS Ranger as a Navy pilot, Tex Hill resigned his commission and volunteered for the AVG, to become a Squadron Leader in the 2nd Pursuit Squadron (Panda Bears) until its disbandment on 4 July 1942, by which time he was the AVG's second highest scoring Ace. He remained in China with the 23rd Fighter Group, later commanding it and increasing his total to 18¼ victories. At the end of the war he commanded the 412th FG, the first USAF Group to be equipped with jets; and later served in Korea.

Colonel Charles H Older


Resigning from the Marine Corps in 1941 to join the AVG 3rd Pursuit Squadron (Hells Angels) he took part in the great 'Christmas' air battles over Rangoon, shooting down 5 Japanese aircraft. With 10¼ victories to his credit he joined the USAAF when the AVG were disbanded, becoming Deputy Group Commander of the 23rd FG flying P-51s. He later led the initial strike against Shanghai, resulting in the destruction of 77 Japanese aircarft. He completed the war with 18¼ air victories and later became a top superior court judge.


( signed by additional TWO veterans and with companion print )

Wyne G Johnson


Wayne Johnson, enlisted in the Air Corp on 8 December 1941, the day after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, and trained as a fighter pilot. After completing training he was posted to China to join the 23rd Fighter Group - the 'Flying Tigers' - where he flew with the 118th Tactical Reconnaissance Squadron. He was one of the sixteen P-51 Mustang pilots who participated in the first strike against Japanese airfields near Shanghai, where they destroyed 97 planes on the ground without any losses.

Ronald M Phillips


Drafted a few months after Pearl Harbor, Ron Phillips graduated from the Airplane & Engine School in Glendale, CA, and began training as a pilot. Commissioned in 1943 he was posted to the 23rd Fighter Group, Claire Chennault's 'Flying Tigers' and part of the 14th Air Force. Arriving in Kweilin in the summer of 1944 he flew with the118th Tactical Reconnaissance Squadron equipped with P-51 Mustangs.



( signed by additional SEVEN veterans and with

original pencil drawing )

Squadron Leader Robert Neale

Squadron Leader ROBERT 'BOB' NEALE 13 victories

Born in Canada, 'Bob' Neale jioned the US Navy and, serving with VB-3 flew SBCs and SBDs off the USS Saratoga. Resigning his commission in June 1941 to join the 'Flying Tigers' he commanded the AVG's 1st Squadron (Adam & Eve) becoming the AVG's top-scoring Ace with 13 confirmed air victories and was decorated with a British DSO. When the AVG were disbanded he briefly took charge of the 23rd Fighter Group before returning to the US to fly as a civilian pilot with Pan Am.

Major General Charles R Bond

Major General CHARLES R. BOND 7 victories

'Charlie' Bond joined the AVG in September 1942 after a spell ferrying Hudson bombers to the RAF. Flying in 1st squadron as wingman to top AVG Ace Bob Neale and shot down twice, he also became an Ace, credited with 7 air victories. Rejoining the USAAF he commanded a squadron of P-40s before being posted to Russia as an aide and pilot to the US Ambassador.

Colonel Edward Rector

Colonel EDWARD 'ED' RECTOR 10½ victories

Ed Rector flew SB2U Vindicators with VB-4 before he joined the AVG, becoming Flight Leader with the 2nd Squadron (Panda Bears). He escorted Erik Shilling on the AVG's first mission, and took part in the AVG's first combat scoring their first victory. In July 1942 he stayed with the 23rd Fighter Group, commanding the 76th Fighter Squadron and in 1945 commanded the Group for his second tour The last of his 10½ air victories came on 2 April 1945, giving him the 'Flying Tigers' final, as well as their first victory.

Brigadier General Wiltz Segura

Brigadier General WILTZ 'FLASH' SEGURA 6 victories

Wiltz Segura was posted to China to fly P-40's with the 23rd Fighter Group in August 1943. Flying with the 75th Fighter Squadron became an Ace, his sixth and final victory coming on 22 September 1944. He was twice shot down by ground fire behind enemy lines but each time managed to evade capture by the Japanese.

Lieutenant Colonel Donald Lopez

Lieutenant Colonel DONALD 'DON' LOPEZ 5victories

Assigned to the 23rd Fighter Group 'Flying Tigers' in 1943 he flew with 75th Fighter Sqaudron scoring a victory in his first air combat. He completed his tour in 1945 having become an Ace with five aerial victories. He later became Deputy Director of the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum in Washington.

Lieutenant Colonel Robert T Smith

Lieutenant Colonel ROBERT T. SMITH 8.9 victories

'R.T' Smith was a flight instructor when he resigned his commission in July 1941 to join the AVG 'Flying Tigers'. Flying as a wingman then a Flight Leader with the 3rd Squadron (Hells Angels) he took part in the great Christmas air battles over Rangoon, and would become an AVG Ace credited with 8.9 air victories. Re-joining the USAAF he transferred to the 1st Air Commando Group supporting the Chindits in Burma, and flew a tour in P-51s, before commanding a Squadron of B-25s.

Major General John R Alison

Major General JOHN R. ALISON 6 victories

After serving as an assistant Military Attaché in England, and later in Russia, he joined the 23rd Fighter Group 'Flying Tigers' in June 1942. Flying with the 75th Fighter Squadron, which he later commanded, he scored his first victory on 30 July which was also the 'Tigers' first night victory. Finishing his tour as an Ace with six victories, in 1944 he returned to the China Burma India theatre to command the 1st Air Commando Force in support of General Orde Wingate's Special Forces in Burma.