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The Stuff of Legend

by Robert Taylor

Robert Taylor has created a masterpiece to honour all of the 'Flying Tigers' and his outstanding new painting portrays a typical scene in this distant war fought by that small band of warriors. With their Allison engines screaming at full throttle, P-40s of the AVG's 3rd Pursuit Squadron - 'Hell's Angels' - surprise the enemy with a deadly strafing attack on a forward Japanese air-base. In the foreground R.T. Smith leads the charge as the 'Hells Angels' leave a trail of havoc and destruction behind them..

Secretly formed months before war began, this small band of intrepid American fighter pilots had volunteered to resign their military commissions and commit themselves to the fight against the Japanese invaders. Led by the indomitable General Claire Chennault for the next six months the AVG would blaze a trail of destruction across the skies of Burma and China, their shark-nosed P-40's quickly becoming one of the most recognisable and formidable fighter units of WWII.

Although heavily outnumbered and with no more than 50 or 60 serviceable aircraft at any one time, in the space of of just 197 days of combat the AVG destroyed nearly 300 Japanese aircraft in the air, and more than half that number on the ground. This was the stuff of legend, yet their magnificent existence came to an end, when without ceremony on 4 July 1942, the AVG was absorbed into the USAAF to become the 23rd Fighter Group. But although the AVG had passed into history, the 23rd FG, still under the command of Claire Chennault, would retain the illustrious title 'Flying Tigers' and create their own place in history. By the end of the war the 23rd FG 'Flying Tigers' had amassed over 620 aerial victories.


This release is autographed by legendary 'Flying Tigers' including four of the AVG's most respected pilots who, since signing the prints have sadly passed away, giving even greater meaning to this edition.

Click on links below editions to read the personal biographies.


( signed by FOUR veterans )

275 Signed & Numbered : £   200 / $   320


( signed by SIX veterans and companion print )

With all the components of the Limited Edition each print in these six signature editions is issued with an exclusive matching-numbered companion drawing


personally signed by the artist and these two highly respected Flying Tiger fighter pilots

Tiger Attack The Companion Drawing

Robert Taylor's magnificent Masterwork drawing portrays the Flying Tigers engaging Japanese fighters high over the

mountains of western China.

Overall Print Size : 22" wide x 16½" high

 200   Collectors Edition     :   £     250   /   $     375

   25   Artists Proofs            :   £     350   /   $     525

   15   Remarques                 :   £     795   /   $   1195

   10   Double Remarques   :   £   1285   /   $   1925



( signed by THIRTEEN veterans and with original drawing )

This rare - and historic - THIRTEEN signature tribute to the Flying Tigers is released with all the elements of the Collectors Edition but, in addition, every print is accompanied by an ORIGINAL pencil drawing individually created for this edition by Robert Taylor, the worlds premier artist.

Flying Tigers - The Stuff of Legends - Tribute Edition Original Drawing

The beautifully executed drawings are matted to conservation standards to include the original signatures of the above most famous Flying Tiger Aces.

10 Tribute Editions : £ 2100 / $ 3100

Overall Print Size : 32" wide by 24" high

Image Size : 25" wide x 16" high