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Korea to Afghanistan

Displaying the Armed Forces of the Nations from West and East who fought or deployed to hotspots around the World during the post World War II period and up to the modern day.

World War II Aviation

Displaying the men & aircraft from the Allied & Axis Forces who sparred for control of the skies during WWII. From the earliest bombers & fighters to the beggining of the jet age.

World War II Naval

Display the warships and submarines of the Allied and Axis powers who fought to control the convoy lanes and seas of World War II's great battles upon the worlds oceans.

World War II Ground Warfare

Displaying the men & armour of the Allied & Axis forces who wrestled for control of the very ground during WW II. From infantry to the steel plated tanks.

World War I Aviation

Displaying the men & machines from the Allied & Central Powers who in canvas covered wooden aircraft duelled high above the trenches. Ushering in a new age in warfare.

World War I Naval

Displaying the warships from the Allied & Central Powers who vied for control of the sea lanes during WW I. From the great dreadnoughts to the introduction of the first use of submarines and airpower at sea.

World War I Ground Warfare

Displaying the men & armour from the Allied & Central Powers who struggled with each other amongst the mud and wire of the trenches of WW I.

The Colonial Wars

Displaying the soldiers and units of the great powers who vied for world dominance or Imperial ambitions by fighting over the wealth and resources to be found in far distant lands during the 19th century.

American Civil War

Display the men and units who fought for the two oppsing sides of the first great modern war which saw the introduction of the gatling gun and the state using the industrial capacity of a nation to wage all out war.

The Napoleonic Wars

Displaying the soldiers and ships who fought for and against the Emperor of France during the great battles to decide the fate of Europe and which ushered in the beggining of the Industrial Revolution.

Medieval to English Civil War

Displaying the men and horsed knights and calvary from the age of chivalry to the begginings of modern warfare with the introduction of gunpowder which would eventually bring about the end of the dominance of the horse on the battlefield.

Sparta to Rome

Displaying the soldiers of the great empires from the distant past. From the heroes of Thermopoyle to The Fall of the Roman Empire and the beggining of the Dark Ages.