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Iwo Jima - A Hard Won Haven Medal of Honor Edition by John D. Shaw

Iwo Jima - A Hard Won Haven

Medal of Honor Edition Artists Proof

by John D. Shaw

Only 660 miles from Tokyo, the small volcanic island of Iwo Jima was recognized as early as 1943 as being a vital location to secure an airbase for allied aircraft, in order to achieve victory in the Pacific. Forseeing this goal, the Japanese began extensive fortifications early, preparing for the eventual onslaught. Within Iwo Jima's myriad of tunnels, both underground and within the extinct volcanoe known as Mt. Suribachi, enemy forces were able to remain virtually unscathed during the 72-day heavy bombardment in late 1944, which preceded the American landings.

In mid-February 1945, the invasion landing forces arrived, and so began one of the bloodiest and most bitter battles of World War II. Over the course of the next 36 days, the United States Marine Corp would experiance many of its most horrific hours, but certainly their finest as well. Marine photographer Joe Rosenthal's shot of Old Glory being hoisted aloft atop Suribachi came to be recognized as possibly the most famous photo in history. During the first week of March, the first B-29 to make an emergency landing at Iwo touched down. Many others would soon follow.

Shown in John D. Shaw's painting a B-29 of the 34th Bomb Group limps in to Iwo's runway #1 as emergency crews prepare for more incoming planes, some of which would inevitabl;y have to ditch of shore to avoid an explosive pile up. Its estimated that nearly 25,000 airman lives would ultimately be spared as a result of being able to make emergency landings there.


Signed by 14 Iwo Veterans including

Jack Lucas MOH recipient

Vern Brintzenhofe USMC Clair Chaffin USMC Jack Colby USMC

Roy Earle USMC Norm Hatch 1944 Academy Award winner USMC

Harry D. Hink USAAF Herb Ing USMC

Ray Jacobs 1st Raising Mt. Suribachi USMC

Henry Koellein USMC Jack H. Lucas Medal of Honor USMC

Grover Thompson USMC Cy O'Brian USMC Gorden Ward USMC

Bob Weiler USAAF


Additional Items Included

Image Size : 31.5" x 16.25"

Overall Size : 37" x 23"

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