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Medals Badges

& Historical Artefacts

We are often asked by many collectors to matt into the prints to be framed additional items, these range from signatures to both original and replica medals and unit badges 7 awards which not only add historical interest to the image but also enhance the potential investment value.

Shown below are just a few examples of what can be obtained, these have ranged from bullet rounds recovered at Rorkes Drift to decking from the Tirpitz.

As the stock of items available can change on a daily basis due to their desirability it pays to contact us well in advance to request any specific items you might wish to add to an image or keep abreast as to what may be available in the near future.

Luftwaffe Breast Eagle

Original Kriegsmarine Badges & Signatures

Easy Company & Band of Brothers Memorabilia

USAAF Pilots Wings

Oak From HMS Victory Trafalga 1805 Certified by The Royal Navy

Museum Quality Replica Medals in this case Pour Le Merit