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by Anthony Saunders

As the climax of enevitable defeat and capitulation approaches, Leutnant Jorg Czypionka of 10./NJG11 engages a powerful incoming force of fast, high flying RAF Mosquitos from 139 (Jamaica) Squadron (PPF) in one of his units few remaining Me262A jets.

In a desperate attempt to save what remained of the once-proud, now ruined city of Berlin the remnants of the Luftwaffe's beleaguered night-fighter units charged with its defence, fought boldly till the end. Short on fuel, spares and ammunition, the pilots of NJG11 faced the impossible task of protecting the shattered capital from the far-reaching arm of RAF Bomber Command. The Mosquito crews, however, know the dangers of these hotly contested skies over Berlin only to well. From the night of 20/21 February the aircraft of 139 Squadron will run the deadly guantlet of flak and night-fighters on 36 consecutive night attacks on the city.

Anthony Saunders' powerful new painting - Night Hunters - released as part of a new portfolio - depicts the end game over Berlin. Now in a lasting legacy of air combat history, the adversaries engaged in those deadly duels over Berlin have jioned together to sign all the prints in this historic commemorative edition as Leutnant Jorg Czypionka is jioned by two Mosquito Navigators who flew with 139 Squadron over Berlin. 



Flying Officer Mike Bayon DFC

Flying Officer MIKE BAYONDFC

As soon as Mike Bayon completed his training as a Naviagtor, he jioned Path Finder Force on Mosquitos. Flying first with 128 Squadron from RAF Wyton he then jioned 139 Squadron as part of the ' Light Night Strike Force '. During the final two years of the war he completed a total of 52 operations in Mosquitos over Europe.

Flight Lieutenant George Cash DFC

Flight Lieutenant GEORGE CASHDFC

Flying Mosquitos, George Cash flew numerous operations over north-west occupied Europe as a Navigator with 139 Squadron. After completing his first tour, he subsequently embarked on a second but this time he was less fortunate when he was shot down. He finished the the war as a POW.          

Leutnant Jorg Czypionka Iron Cross

Leutnant JORG CZYPIONKA Iron Cross

Very few pilots flew the Me262 jet as a night-fighter; Jorg Czypionka was one of them. As a night-fighter he flew with 10./NJG11 on high-altitude Bf109's, and in January 1945 jioned ' Kommando Welter ' equipped with single seat Me262 fighters against RAF Mosquitos, flying intruder intruder operations. He flew ' Red 6 ' alongside the top scoring jet Ace of all time, Kurt Welter, scoring two confirmed night victories over Mosquitos.



Purchased Individually

350   Limited Edition Prints     US$   130   /   UK£     85

  25   Artists Proofs                   US$   190   /   UK£   125

  25   Remarques                       US$   375   /   UK£   250

  10   Double Remarques          US$   625   /   UK£   415

350   Limited Edition Prints     US$     210   /   UK£   140

  25   Artists Proofs                   US$     325   /   UK£   215

  25   Remarques                       US$     675   /   UK£   450

  10   Double Remarques          US$   1075   /   UK£   725

Image Size : 21¼" wide x 14¼" high

Overall Print Size : 26½" wide x 19½" high