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Sea Wolves - The Donitz & Prien Tribute Edition by Nicholas Trudgian


The Donitz & Prien Tribute Edition

by Nicholas Trudgian

Captain Erich Topp steers his Type VIIc U-Boat U-552 ' Red Devil ' towards the sanctuary of the base at St. Nazaire after another patrol during the gruelling Battle of the Atlantic in 1942. In the skies above, heading back out to hostile waters, is a giant Focke Wulf 200 Condor from III/KG40 and three Ju88Ds from KGr 106 whose missions will be to search for vulnerable Allied convoys for the submarine ' Wolf Packs ' to attack.

Winston Churchill called the Condor " the scourge of the Atlantic ", recognising the essential role it played in the German campaign to cut Britain's convoy supply lines. With the sinking of more than 3,500 merchant ships and 175 warships the Germans nearly succeeded, but improved Allied techniques in finding and destroying U-Boats led to a war of attrition resulting in the loss of no fewer than 738 U-Boats and 28,000 German sailors.

Captain Topp was fortunate to survive and become the third highest scoring U-Boat ace. Whilst commanding the ' Red Devil ' he sank a total of thirty ships and damaged three more.


Signed by the artist and SIX German U-Boat Crew and FOUR

Luftwaffe bomber pilots

With TEN Signatures

Erich Topp KCOS Hajo Herrmann KCOS Helmut Witte KC

Heinrich Südel KC Gerhard Bielig KC Erich Taeger KC

Horst Von Schroeter KC Kurt Dahlmann KCO

Alfred Eicke KC Jurgen Oesten KC

plus the wartime signatures of the head of the Kreigsmarine and last Furhrer of Germany

Grand Admiral Carl Donitz KCO

and the legendary Scapa Flow U-Boat Captain

Kapitain Gunther Prien KCO

The war time signatures of Gunter Prien and Donitz

Limited to 5 numbered reproductions World Wide

Edition " Sold Out "

1 Available in Stock !!

Price : SOLD

Additional Items Included

Brochure & Certificate of Authenticity Front

Certificate of Authenticity 5/5

Original Signatures of Survivors of HMS Courageous & HMS Royal Oak

Brochure and Certificate of Authenticity Back

Original WW II Kriegsmarine Badge

Replica U-Boat Clasp

Image Size : 25" x 17.25"

Overall Print Size : 34.5" x 25.5"

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