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by Chris Collingwood

The 1st Battalion Lancashire Fusiliers go over the top on the 1st of July 1916, Battle of the Somme.

As the Commanding Officer counts down to H - Hour on his wrist watch pistol ready to fire the shot to go, the RSM whistle in mouth prepares to follow him over the top with his men, some of whom perhaps wanting to get it over with have already started to clamber over the lip of the trench, or perhaps their spirits buoyed up by a tot of rum or whiskey have jumped the gun.

The first day of the battle would go down in history as one of the greatest loss of lives ever suffered by the British Army during its long history of conflict. By the end of the day 38,000 had been killed or injured and by the end of the campaign 600,00 would have suffered death or injury or been reported as missing.

Chris Collingwood having carried out meticulous research has depicted in stunning detail this historical event, one can even sense the tension at this most dramatic moment, look closely and you can even see in the background the earthen ware jug brought around just prior to the start time which would enable a soldier to have a tot of spirit to perhaps bolster their courage or calm frayed nerves!

160 Signed Limited Edition   :   £150

25 Remarque Edition           :   £265

15 Giclée Canvas Edition     :   £495

26" wide by 18" high