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- A Tribute To The Aircrew of RAF Bomber Command -

by Robert Taylor

Sometimes it was five, every so often it might be six, occasionally it was three, but usually it was seven men who flew together as a crew with RAF Bomber Command. They formed the closest of bonds, forged through an anvil of freezing temperatures, deadly flak and prowling night-fighters but, with an average age of only 22, their odds of survival were slim.

 By 1943 the life expectancy for bomber aircrew was just 5 missions; only one in six were expected to survive their first tour of 30 operations. The chances of surviving a second tour were even slimmer. Of the 125,000 men who flew with Bomber Command during World War II, more than 55,000 were killed.

Between them the pilots of Bomber Command won 23 Victoria Crosses during WWII, and countless others were highly decorated for courage and commitment. Several of these veterans have now jioned together to sign this commemorative limited edition to honour all those who served with Bomber Command. They include some of the RAF's most inspirational leaders; men such as James 'Tirpitz' tait, who was awarded no less than four DSO to become one of the most highly decorated RAF airman of WWII.

Robert taylor's evocative new painting is a moving tribute to these men of Bomber Command. As the setting sun casts a golden glow, a group of Lancasters from 576 Squadron begin to formate after departing from their Lincolnshire base at the start of a raid into Germany in late 1944. The lead aircraft UL-I (LM227) was one of only a handful of Lancasters to complete 100 operational sorties.



Jioning Robert Taylor, each print in every edition is signed by FIVE highly respected aircrew who flew Lancasters with RAF Bomber Command during WWII.

With FIVE Signatures

Warrant Officer Ken Johnson

Flight Sergeant Jim McGillivary

Warrant Officer James Copus

Warrant Officer Harry Irons DFC

Squadron Leader George 'Johnny' Johnson DFM

200   Limited Edition Prints      US$    215 / UK£    145


The TEN signature Collector's Editions are additionally signed by a further five highly decorated Lancaster veterans of Bomber Command including

Group Captain James Tait.

With TEN Signatures

Air Commodore John Langston CBE

Squadron Leader Tony Iveson DFC AE

Warrant Officer Frank Tilley

Flight Sergeant Stan Bradford DFM

Group Captain James B. Tait DSO*** DFC* ADC

100   Collector's Edition Prints        US$    330 / UK£    225

  25   Artists Proofs                           US$    395 / UK£    275

  15   Remarques                               US$  1125 / UK£    795

    5   Double Remarques                  US$  1925 / UK£  1285


The Victoria Cross Edition has been personally signed by all the veterans on the Collector's Edition, however each copy is beautifully and individually conservation matted to include museum quality reproduction minature Victoria Cross.

Included in the matting are the rare and highly sought-after ORIGINAL pencil signatures of five pilots and crew from RAF Bomber Command who were awarded the nation's highest award for valour - the Victoria Cross, creating an historic FIFTEEN signature collector's item.

With FIFTEEN Signatures


Overall Print Size : 24½" wide x 18¾" high

Image Size : 19½" wide x 13" high